The most performing equipment for bakery and pastry

Mondial Forni is a leading Italian company in the baking oven industry.

With more than 70 years of experience, it designs and produces superior quality baking systems featuring innovative functions aimed at guaranteeing maximum flexibility of use and low consumption thanks to their high performance.

With a truly exhaustive range of professional ovens, Mondial Forni meets the needs of small retail bakeries, pastry shops, semi-industrial and industrial bakeries, supermarket chains and bakery chains across the globe through its well-established international presence.

Today, with 70 years under our belt, together we continue to pursue the same vision, exporting it around the world, continuing to believe in people, relationships, paying close attention to future developments, without losing sight of the past, our roots, the scent of the first freshly-baked loaves during the post-war years.

We have set ourselves this Mission:
To improve the lifestyle of our customers and promote fresh, wholesome, quality bread by developing and passing on skills relating to baking processes, thanks to innovative and sustainable technologies.