Mondial Forni introduces the first and only Multi-Deck Convection Oven


Mondial Forni introduces the first and only Multi-Deck Convection Oven

After 20 years experience in Multi-Deck Ovens, Mondial Forni introduces the MACS concept, combining the baking efficiency and flexibility of Indirect Convection with compact Multi-Deck design, offering large baking surface on a small footprint.MACS Oven complements our comprehensive range of ovens, including the RADIUS indirect cyclotherm oven, the MATIC multi-deck indirect steam pipe oven and the FOCUS high temperature direct oven.

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  • Why Convection?
  • Convection has proven to be the most efficient baking system, providing low energy consumption and superior baking results for a variety of products ranging from croissant,muffin, cakes,pizza, tin bread, soft rolls and bread. Air turbulence around the product increases heat transmission and therefore reduces baking time.Controlled air movement means uniform conditions throughout the baking area and consistency,batch after batch, day after day. The end result is a very uniform colour, regular product development and even moisture content.Baking with air reduces the time to heat up the oven and there is less energy accumulated in the system: product changeover is therefore quick and efficient. Flash heat from radiating elements of conventional radiant ovens, which typically burns the first and last batch, is also avoided.

  • Why Multi-Deck?
  • The increasing popularity of our Matic Oven, with more than 300 installations, convinced our engineers to provide an alternative baking system with multi-deck design. Space is a scarce and expensive resource in bakeries and in many cases tunnel ovens are not taking full advantage of the available height.Beside space, the compact design provides many points of consideration to the energy conscious baker:
    - fully enclosed baking conveyors
    - minimal external surface compared to the baking area, reducing heat loss to the ambient
    - possibility to install centralized heat recovery systems serving multiple zones, for a much quicker payback


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