The solution to the ever-growing demand for manufacturing versatility, ease of installation and use


DekoMondial is the oven with electric decks ideal for baking bread and pastry products.
Suitable for craftsmen, mass production and semi-industrial pastry laboratories. Extremely compact with minimum footprint.
DekoMondial features baking chambers, completely independent, thus boasting maximum versatility of use and dynamic control of baking processes.
Provided with special functions aimed at saving energy, it guarantees low operation costs and high performance.
DekoMondial ...cutting edge technology to be shared by all.

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  • IPC - Interactive Power Control
  • device for controlling the energy inside the
    Pastry Lab.
    It controls power consumption every
    moment, preventing power from exceeding
    the value available, sudden blackout and
    waste of energy.

  • PM - Power Management
  • device for controlling the energy.
    Two probes for each room ensure better
    management of the temperature and the
    energy, ensuring maximum production
    versatility without ever exceeding the
    available power limits.

  • OPT
  • it optimizes actual consumption of the oven
    for saving on your monthly energy bill.

  • Ready to Bake function
  • By selecting this function, the program guarantees that the oven
    will be in the right temperature at exactly the selected time, ready
    for baking and minimizing the energy consumption.

  • Touch screen control unit. A new and very intuitive concept
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