Domino: Practicality, flexibility and top performance


Domino is the electric deck oven perfect for the production of bread, pastry products and tray pizza. Perfect for artisan businesses, large-scale distribution and the Horeca industry, it is extremely compact with minimum overall dimension on the floor. The high degree of insulation, power management and the use of heat reflecting glass windows ensure reduced consumption. Domino stands out among other products. The large amount of exposed stainless steel, along with its elegant black colour, give this oven a stylish look, so that you can complement your working environment with high-performing designer equipment. Ideal for bread of different sizes and pastry products
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  • Two independent probes
  • Each deck is managed by two independent probes. This allows the energy-saving system to use the power supplied more efficiently, thus avoiding the need to completely switch off a deck, but only 50% of it. This allows for more continuous baking and therefore better results than when using systems with a single temperature probe.

  • Constant insulation
  • save even more energy in your oven with the best two-layer thermal insulation provided by high-density mineral wool panels (100kg/m3), which envelops the entire perimeter of the oven.

  • PM - Power Management
  • power management device It is the new smart installed power management device , capable of operating in three different modes according to the actual use of the individual decks. Excellent lighting that allows you to see your product perfectly Each deck is equipped with a double lamp, one on each side.

  • Heat reflecting glass windows 8 mm thickness
  • reduce heat losses in your oven thanks to special heat reflecting glass windows: 3.5% less consumption than with a traditional solution.


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