The ideal solution when dealing with small spaces, thanks to the perfectly balanced proportions between the baking surface and the footprint.


The rotary tray ovens of Slim-9T series are electric forced convection ovens with rotating racks, made up of a single chamber.
Recommended for artisan bakeries and supermarket chains, thanks to its compact size and easy set-up, Slim-9T is ideal for baking bread and pastry products.
The oven Slim-9T combined with an electric deck oven ensures maximum versatility.
Thanks to its versatility in managing temperature changes, this oven is perfect for controlling the baking process of both fresh and frozen products.
The design, specific to all Mondial Forni products, is very balanced and highly technological, blending performance and elegance. You will be proud to show the Slim-9T oven in your shop.

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  • BTT (Bottom To Top)
  • Achieve greater baking quality the air flow from
    the bottom up enables providing the product a
    deck effect in order to ensure better final results.
    Leave your customers speechless with a unique

  • Create the oven that you want
  • According to your space / cooking requirements,
    while also offering you the possibility to combine
    with the series of electric ovens and accessories
    such as stand, cabinet or leavening cell. All the
    above with a footprint of only 1.2 m2!

  • Speed Dry
  • Products that are more and
    more fragrant and crispy, thanks to the valve
    that enables steam to be evacuated 70% faster
    compared to the system used in standard

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    1000, 2000, 5000


    rack ovens


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