RADIUS is Mondial Forni indirect tunnel oven, suited for gentle baking of a wide range of fermented and pastry products.


RADIUS is Mondial Forni indirect tunnel oven, suited for gentle baking of a wide range of fermented and pastry products: bread, bread substitutes, croissants, cakes and cup cakes. When equipped with stone conveyor, it can produce large capacity of crusty bread with artisan quality.

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  • Indirect fired radiation
  • The indirect fired radiation baking system concept represents the state of the art in terms of efficiency, flexibility and control of baking parameters. The design of this oven is based on zones with top/bottom pipe configuration. The unique radiant pipe heating system assures uniform heat throughout the zone for a very even colour and moisture distribution.

  • Modular
  • It can be used in combination with sections of other styles of baking systems, to form a hybrid solution and can be used for a wider range of applications, where radiant effect and a controlled humidity baking environment is required.

  • oven baking chamber
  • The oven baking chamber is constructed from corrosion resistant high temperature aluminised steel modules (2,5 m long), which rests on a frame secured to the floor. The modules are assembled to form the total oven length in suitably sized pre-configured zone lengths of between 5 and 15 metres, for optimum baking profile control. Each of the zones benefits from a single thermocouple temperature probe to accurately monitor the baking temperature.The temperature changes are generated via a fully modulating package burner.

  • Optimization of heat transfer
  • The RADIUS oven applies temperature from the burner via a top mounted stainless steel furnace section and re-circulation fan via the top and bottom radiating pipes. The heat transfer can be independently controlled into the zones and into the top and bottom radiating pipes via dampers. The heat flow through individual radiating pipes can be adjusted (through the return valves) in order to achieve a lateral heat control and optimum baking across the conveyor.

  • optional turbulence
  • The optional turbulence system creates air movement within the baking chamber thus eliminating pockets of still air and potential hot spots.

  • paneling
  • The RADIUS oven is supplied complete with fully insulated baking chamber and outer sheeting in modular form. The oven can be supplied with various widths and a baking surface up to 160 sqm to suit a large range of production lines.


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