Basic 3.0
The expression of the ideal blend of practicality and functionality.


Basic 3.0 is the rotary oven ideal for baking bread and pastry products.
Suitable for craftsmen and mass production. Perfect for baking both fresh and frozen products.
Basic 3.0 it ensures energy savings, ease of use and space optimization.
Thanks to its ability to handle sudden changes in temperature, this oven stands out for versatility and performance.
Its clean and well defined lines make it an object of refined design.
The sturdiness and the fine craftsmanship used in manufacturing each part, makes it a safe and long-term investment.

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  • BTT (Bottom to Top)
  • a revolutionary bottom-to-top air
    flow that allows you to reach an
    artisan-quality baking and fully
    exploit the development potential
    of your products.

  • Speed Dry
  • provide your customers with
    tasty and fragrant products
    thanks to the steam extraction
    valve, which is 70% faster than
    traditional systems.

  • Ready to Bake
  • your oven is always ready!
    Load immediately your products
    and forget about the usual preheating
    times. Your oven will
    be waiting for you at the perfect
    temperature for your desired
    baking cycle.

  • Always Connected
  • Use the oven to boost your laboratory performance! You can monitor important product data,
    energy consumption and system efficiency, as well as edit or load new recipes. You can also
    receive advance notifications when certain operations are required, in order to avoid production


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