Mondial: sturdiness and reliability


Mondial is a steam tube deck oven especially suitable for artisan businesses and semi-industrial laboratories, it is strategic for baking products that require a strong heat boost from the bottom and a considerable amount of steam.

Mondial is suitable for baking on trays or directly on the bottom using frames. Manual, semi-automatic or automatic loading and unloading peels can be used to facilitate oven loading/unloading phases.

It is ideal for the production of large bread and pastry products.
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  • Top quality
  • ring-shaped steam tube heating system with a double 27 mm diameter beam that directly heats the top and bottom of each deck.

  • Choose what suits you best
  • a wide range of power supply systems in order to meet all requirements effectively (methane, LPG, diesel, pellets and wood).

  • Versatility
  • possibility of integrating an electric deck to make the oven more versatile and suited to your needs.

  • Lower operating costs
  • it ensures low-temperature baking of products to be put on display counters with the burner completely switched off , with zero oven operating costs.

  • SOS Blackout
  • a buffer battery ensures that baking parameters are displayed even when there is no mains power.

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