Bread as an emotion

These were the years of the economic boom: Arturo enlarged his business and supplied the numerous workshops where bread, which was at that time was at the heart of most Italians' diet, was baked. So in 1965, he decided to produce the first ovens with Perkins technology and then acquired the patent for the steam tube oven: the rings were manually bent by five workers, then filled with water and welded.

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The company took on an international dimension, the range grew in quantity and innovation, and the brand became synonymous with Italian excellence in the sector. Success is also the result of the management and commercial drive of the third generation of the Benini family: Stefano, Andrea, Alessandro and Francesca.

Today, Mondial Forni continues to expand its range of professional ovens, in tune with the market's renewed interest in quality artisanal bakery and pastry. Arturo's dream evolved and was shared by a new, larger family, made up of owners, management, workers, partners and customers, who together uphold the values and enthusiasm that have made the history of our brand.

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The passion of a family

We have shared the adventure of becoming entrepreneurs with many of them. After the war, installing an oven was a real event: we were invited by the baker to eat with his family, and we often stopped to sleep in what would become the workshop. It was thanks to that oven that the baker was able to gain the financial security to send his children to school.

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Today, we are accompanying the younger generations in the discovery of the different technologies and their special characteristics, contributing to the spread of a revitalised cooking culture.

We supply avant-garde bakers and confectioners, larger workshops and even large retailers, remaining faithful to an idea of baking that does not accept any compromises when it comes to quality.

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The joy of our customers

Baking the bread of tomorrow requires all the warmth of experience.

Because the skills we acquired were passed on to us by sharing whole days in the workshop with him, and then returning to the company to turn that information into innovations.

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Our ovens are not for everyone. They appeal to those who are fascinated by dough, long leavening times and experimentation. Our brand is a sign of distinction, the symbol of a precise way of making bread, in which technology is at the service of the baker's artistic component and personality, which must remain the primary focus.

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The pride of a vocation

Excellence, cooked and baked just the way you like it

Whether you are a young artisan baker or the owner of the most important bakery in your town, an expert in quality buns or the manager of the bakery section of a large retailer, ask us how to bake a product that always lives up to your expectations.