House of Baking

You already know all about flour, dough and leavening. Do you want to become an oven expert too?

The oven is the baker's and pastry chef's life companion: choosing it correctly and knowing how to use it in the most effective way is a guarantee of success.

Baking is the moment when all the baker's work takes its final shape. It is in that short period of time that the bread takes on its defining characteristics. An apparently magical transformation, but one that actually follows precise rules.

The House of Baking is the space Mondial Forni dedicates to all those who wish to move from simple artisan knowledge to a real "science of baking".

Each bread has its own warmth

In steam tube ovens, the heat is transmitted to the bread mainly through contact with the heated surface.

In electric deck ovens, heat is transmitted both from the deck and by radiation through electromagnetic waves.

In rack ovens, it is the convection currents of hot air that allow heat to be transferred to the bread.

The topics are numerous and range from the different ways of transferring heat from the oven to the bread (conduction, convection, radiation), to the differences between electric or gas, deck or rack ovens, to an in-depth study of the various models and their technologies.

In the House of Baking, the experts' theoretical explanations are immediately translated into practical experience to eliminate any doubts and allow experiences to be shared.

The objectives focus on two main aspects:

the product

All the physical and chemical mechanisms that regulate baking are explained in order to personalise your bread and take it to the next level. There is always some little secret to learn about how to achieve
top quality!

the oven

If you need to buy an oven, you can make a personalised choice based on your needs and the type of bread you produce.
Or maybe you will fall in love with a particular type of oven and decide to start a new adventure

All this will be shared through a series of meetings and workshops dedicated to specific topics held by expert bakers from the "Impasto Italiano" group of professionals.

Would you like a personalised consultation?

There is no one oven that is better than all the others: there is the right oven for every task, the one that makes work easier and ensures consistently excellent quality. Productivity, functionality, versatility and cost-effectiveness are decisive factors, which must be assessed on the basis of the characteristics of your shop and your customers. Call us to discuss exactly what you need: we are at your complete disposal.