Mondial Forni references

The perfect blend of nature and science

The workshop bakes a wide range of products every day, from Tuscan bread made with sourdough and flour from ancient indigenous grains stone-ground by a local mill, to bread with walnuts, organic seeds, wholemeal spelt and seasonal products. It also delights lunchtime visitors with its long-leavening pizzas and Genoese and Tuscan-style focaccia, while its brioche, biscuits and panettone cakes satisfy the most demanding and sweet-toothed customers.

"What fascinates me about bread is that with four ingredients – water, flour, salt and yeast – depending on their quality and how they are processed, you can make thousands of different products. This gives artisans the opportunity to assert their personal characteristics and passion."

Daniele Lunardi

Lievitamente has a small, well-maintained workshop with an open oven next to the shop. Because Daniele decided to offer so many different types of products, requiring different temperatures, times and cooking methods, choosing the right oven was crucial.

"Baking closes the circle: for me, the oven is the heart of the bakery. After all the work involved in selecting the raw materials, precisely studying temperatures and quantities, the moment of cooking is the final step in the quest for quality."

"In addition to quality, versatility is fundamental for me. I have discovered both characteristics in the Dekomondial electric oven: with its independent decks, I can bake brioches at 180–190°C in one chamber, Tuscan bread at 220°C in the other, Genoese focaccia at 240°C in a third, and perhaps in the afternoon, pizzas at 300°C. I optimise production and save electricity.

"In my opinion, the future of this profession must be based on staff training and a technological approach: you can't do what you did 30 or 40 years ago, you have to evolve."

"When they say my bread is "scientific", it's because I pay close attention to all the parameters that lead to optimal leavening and digestibility. In the same way, I strongly believe that investing in technology is important, because it improves the quality of products and more generally our quality of life.

Since I have had Dekomondial, I program it so that it is already warm when I arrive at work in the morning: I can sleep longer and spend more time with my family and studying new doughs. And then, if I have to leave at some point, with the recipes already set, anyone on the team can bake what needs to be baked at any time."


For those looking for the highest baking quality, and a high degree of flexibility also for intensive production