Mondial Forni references

A family who has been kneading dough since 1955

The oven produces over 50 different types of bread, along with breadsticks, crackers and many exquisite confectionery products. The ingredients are chosen with the utmost care: they are mostly made using local, zero-mile, unprocessed flours, many of which are organic. The genuineness and quality of the raw material is combined with a passion for manual processing, which guarantees a bread that is always authentic and genuine.

"The baker's craft is an art, it takes flair, a desire to be imaginative, to always look for new recipes, try new baking techniques, and create products made from the heart."

Pierluigi Bianchin

Pierluigi Bianchin deeply loves his job. Indeed, it is his art. From an early age, he skipped school to help pack cookies. This passion has grown over time. Here's what he tells us about his relationship with the delicate moment of baking.

"Ovens are one of the most important components of the whole baking process. That's why when we found ourselves having to choose new ones, we did a lot of trials and tests. And in the end, we opted for Mondial Forni's Techno."

"The ones we had before only had two air outlets in the chamber: the airflow was sometimes so violent, it made our breadsticks fly off the pan. The Techno models, on the other hand, generate the same amount of air through 4 openings: the heat is spread evenly throughout the product, with the advantage of keeping it fragrant for longer and well preserved for days afterwards."

"The 4-outlet technology of the Mondial Forni rack ovens we use ensures a gentle airflow that doesn't attack the product but also cooks it perfectly on the inside."

"With our ovens, we manage to achieve a production of 300 kg per hour, which includes many different types of products: we range from 3 kg loaves of bread to 3 g crackers and also pastries, shortcrust pastry, and strudels. In fact, they are very versatile ovens, suitable for those who want a solution for any need.

This is also thanks to the easily and intuitively customisable programs: you can choose all the main parameters, from dough type to size. In short, we can really say that in this case, it is the ovens that adapt to the baker and not the other way around."


Suitable for those looking for flexibility, ease of use and cooking consistency in every situation