Mondial Forni references

Simply excellent

Today, the bakery is very popular and has a diverse and demanding clientele. The basic choice concerns the ingredients, which are as natural as possible: stone-ground ancient grains, preferably organic and zero mile, simple flours with little gluten. A wide variety of breads are made, including large breads, made to keep their fragrance over time, as well as pizzas, focaccia, breadsticks, brioche and many other delicacies.

"You win the world championship every day when someone tells you that your bread is good: that's the satisfaction that keeps you going, that keeps you getting up early every morning. Because bread is the basis of nutrition and it affects everyone."

Armando Guerini

Armando decided to work with a semi-traditional tube oven, which would give him a slow temperature rise but was also flexible in heat management and economical. He opted for Ecomondial.

"Ecomondial has a gentle cooking mode, which allows you to cook products of different sizes and types, from bread to cakes. It's a great advantage for diversifying products and baking throughout the day."

"In my experience as a baker I have tried several ovens: I used a Spadina oven when I was a boy, then a Mondial tube oven, then a very aggressive German cyclothermic, and today I have chosen Ecomondial, which is perfect for my type of bread and my needs: we don't need to speed up the work, but to be sure of obtaining a good product, well cooked inside and with a nice crust."

"This oven is like all machines, like an F1: it has to be understood and adapted to your needs, it has to be fine-tuned. When it's on point, it's the ultimate oven."

"Slow and progressive baking safeguards the three values I consider fundamental in bread: health, affordability and time. A large-format bread, which retains its qualities even days after purchase, is a bread rich in nutrients, a bread that is not thrown away but fully consumed, a bread that saves you from coming to the bakery every day.

In this way, we also satisfy customers, and there are many, who come from further afield because they read about us on the web."


Suitable for those seeking the quality of traditional cooking in all types of product